Can A Certain Frequency Make You Poop?

Can a certain frequency make you poop? The science behind the infamous ‘brown note‘. The enduring legend of the ‘brown note’ – a sound frequency so low that its resonance through the human body causes spontaneous, uncontrollable pooping – is thankfully no more than a legend.

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1 What is the poop frequency?2 Is the brown note a real thing?3 What triggers people to poop?4 How frequent should poop be?5 Related faq for Can A Certain Frequency Make You Poop?5.1 What frequency is white noise?

What is the poop frequency?

There is no “normal” number of bowel movements. Many healthcare providers agree that healthy bowel movement frequency can range from three times a day to three times a week. However, your ‘normal’ pattern may be different from these numbers.

Is the brown note a real thing?

The brown note is a hypothetical infrasonic frequency capable of causing fecal incontinence by creating acoustic resonance in the human bowel. The name is a metonym for the common color of human feces. Attempts to demonstrate the existence of a “brown note” using sound waves transmitted through the air have failed.

What triggers people to poop?

When food enters this organ, the body releases a hormone that causes the colon to contract. These contractions move previously eaten food further through the digestive system, which can result in the urge to pass stool.

How frequent should poop be?

Studies have shown that we tend to poop between three times a day and three times a week, so anything within that range is considered healthy. Pooping less often could be due to constipation, while more frequent visits might indicate diarrhea, either of which could be signs of poor gut health.

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What frequency is white noise?

White noise is random noise that has a flat spectral density — that is, the noise has the same amplitude, or intensity, throughout the audible frequency range (20 to 20,000 hertz). White noise is so named because it’s analogous to white light, which is a mixture of all visible wavelengths of light.